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Blastec History
Blastec, Inc.


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(Formerly Watts Equipment & Supply Company)

After graduating from Auburn University, David Watts, President and CEO of Blastec, Inc., began his career at age twenty-five working for a major North American shot/grit blast machine manufacturer.  During his employment there he served as a machinery installer, a service technician, new equipment salesman, and a District Manager.  Mr. Watts resigned his position after 13 years of service.

1964 David joined the American Foundry Society where he is still a member today.

David formed Watts Equipment & Supply Company, specializing in repairing and modernizing existing in-plant shot/grit blast machines and dust collectors.  David, and his wife Lynn, began company operations out of a spare room in their home located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Lynn, Secretary and Treasurer of Blastec, Inc., worked full time supervising the accounting department for a local automotive gas company with thirty locations scattered across six states.  In the evenings, she performed the administrative and accounting duties for the newly formed company.  David did repairs and made upgrades for every design of shot/grit blast machines manufactured in North America.  Primarily, this machinery utilized blast wheels which were driven with V-Belts and had no interchangeability between clockwise and counter clockwise parts.  There were a few Direct Drive 3600 RPM wheels but, due to the high RPM, the part’s life was very short as it remains today.


The Watts rented a small warehouse/office facility for warehousing and manufacturing small parts.   They also utilized this space for subcontracting cleaning of metal parts.

The company began testing the world’s first direct drive 1760 RPM blast wheel which was conceived and designed for simplicity while using as few replacement parts as possible.  Those goals were achieved with the complete elimination of:

  • V-Belt drives and spindle assemblies
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise moving parts
  • Different parts for the different horse power motors
1980 Blastec trademark was U.S. registered.

Watts Equipment & Supply Company relocated to a larger manufacturing facility on four acres in Alpharetta, GA to bolster its machinery manufacturing capabilities.

1981 Blastec was the first company to manufacture a machine with an 11% -14% all manganese steel blast chamber.  This Blastec standard continues today
1982 “Major Discovery”!  A 30 HP Blastec wheel was installed and tested on a competitor’s machine, descaling a large 8’-6" tall bridge girder. The blast pattern was far superior to any blast pattern ever achieved.  This was due primarily to its uniformity and density throughout the blast pattern’s length, effectively spreading flange to flange.  This was a major development confirming the much anticipated expectations of the design and proved that this new technology was not only the most maintenance free blast wheel ever developed, but also the most efficient.  As introduced, the Blastec wheel could only handle the abrasive flow allowed by a 15 through 40 horsepower motor. The current design is capable of handling 15 through 125 horsepower motors.  As with the original wheel, all wear parts are still totally interchangeable.
1983 A U.S. and Canadian patent was granted for the Direct Drive 1760 RPM Blastec wheel. Today, the Blastec wheel has become the industry standard.
1984 Added a large crane manufacturing facility to the existing building.

Blastec was the first shot/grit blast machine manufacturer to use cartridge type, continuous reverse pulse cleaning dust collection systems on all their equipment.  This Blastec standard continues today.

1985 Blastec was the first shot/grit blast machine manufacturer to use Direct Drive gear motors on all screw conveyors and elevators eliminating all V-Belt & Chain drives.  This Blastec standard continues today.

Blastec® registered its trademark in Canada.

1987 Blastec® was granted a U.S. patent for the most productive, totally automated blast machine in the world, cleaning 30, 55 and 80 gallon steel drums.  This system is capable of processing four thousand drums every eight hours.
 1988 The Corporate name was changed from Watts Equipment & Supply Company to Blastec, Incorporated.

Blastec was granted a U.S. patent for developing a compact, high production machine used for etching the surface of multiple rebars prior to powder coating.  This same system is used for steel bars, carbon, and stainless steel strip.

1991 Blastec was granted a U.S. patent for the “Ricochet” descaling machine, specifically designed to process steel plate or steel strip presented horizontally.

Blastec was granted a U.S. patent for the design of a high volume, low pressure blow-off system for removing steel shot from steel plate or steel strip upon exiting the “Richochet” descaling system.

1998 After twelve years with the company and an additional eight years in the industry, Joseph (Joe) Everett was promoted to Vice President of Sales. Joe’s promotion enabled him to relieve David Watts of some of his duties.

Blastec manufactured the first SmartBlast Descaling System utilizing a programmable gear motor to oscillate a bank of Blastec® Wheels.  This innovative design integrates mechanical descaling with PLC Control.

2002 Joe Everett was promoted to General Manager of Blastec, Incorporated.
2006 Blastec, Incorporated acquired a second manufacturing facility in Cumming, GA. which tripled their manufacturing capabilities.
2008 The Blastec SmartBlast® trademark was U.S. registered.
2011 Blastec Incorporated celebrates its thirty-fifth anniversary.
2016 Blastec, Incorporated celebrates its fortieth anniversary.

Blastec, Incorporated is a privately held company under the continued ownership of David and Lynn Watts who remain active in the business.  All manufacturing is still done in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Blastec® machines are in use all over the world.



Phone: 800-241-3016
Local: 770-475-2700
Fax: 770-475-2336
Blastec®, Inc. Address: 4965 Atlanta Hwy.
Alpharetta, GA 30004